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At Landocean we work alongside owners, gaining planning permission so that you – and not a developer – benefit from the full potential of your property when you sell. Our business is based on adding real value to your property using our expertise of the planning system, whilst providing our clients with excellent service.

How We Work

Many properties are sold with substantial unrealised potential – we believe that’s a shame, and unnecessary.

We formed Landocean to stop this happening and have developed a clear and simple three-step process – and it works.

Step One

While you retain ownership, together we agree the current market value of your property. We then invest our money to secure you the best planning permission.
It will not cost you a penny.

Step Two

Once we have secured you planning permission, we then help you take your property to market. This ensures a bidding contest amongst developers so that you get the best price possible.

Step Three

The property is sold. You get the amount we both agreed to be the current market value of your property, and then together we share the additional value generated by the planning permission.

The Results

You’re better off! We add real cash value to your property – without any upfront cost to you. We’re only rewarded with a share of the value that we’ve generated. Only developers lose out, not cashing in on buying your property cheap without planning permission.

Who We Work With

At Landocean, we work with a wide range of property owners and custodians including those that have a duty to sell at best value:

Investors | Executors | Retirees | Attorneys | Charities | Business Owners | Private Land and Homeowners

In a sea of complexity, we increase the selling price for our clients, many of whom do not have the time, capital or expertise to secure planning permission themselves.

The added value we generate can help retirees downsize with a healthy windfall, investors to ride the wave of planning gain and charities to spend more on good causes, which is a great thing.

Brilliantly, it allows unviable businesses to increase the value of their assets, allows beneficiaries to reap the rewards of a neglected probate property and insolvent individuals to gain a life jacket to a sunnier shore.

In short, we exist to create value for our clients, whatever their cause.


We’re proud to present a selection of the projects we’ve achieved success with. We’re ready to do the same for you.

West Ealing

  • Former Use: Two Detached Dwellings

  • Previous Owner: Executors & Owner-Occupiers

  • Outcome: Planning permission secured for demolition of existing dwellings and the erection of new buildings comprising 17 apartments

  • Gross Development Value:

mixed use development in Ealing Broadway

Ealing Broadway

  • Former Use: Offices

  • Previous Owner: Estate Agents

  • Outcome: Planning application submitted for a six-storey mixed use development comprising commercial space on the ground floor and 9 apartments above

  • Gross Development Value:

Our Testimonials

After many years of trading, the time came for the owners of the Company to retire and sell their commercial premises in West London. Kam was approached and he spent a great deal of time and energy trying to maximise the planning potential of our premises. These efforts on his part, I believe, significantly increased the selling price we eventually achieved. Kam was always professional and easy to deal with and I am sure he will succeed in his new venture at Landocean

At a time when it was no longer feasible for my elderly mother to maintain her property properly, Shaun helped us achieve planning permission for two brand new houses on her land, at no cost.

My long-established hotel had been struggling for some years and previous attempts at getting planning permission had failed. Kam diligently prepared a strong planning strategy that convinced the council to grant permission for fourteen flats. All whilst the hotel was still operational.

Shaun implemented a carefully considered and well-executed planning strategy to convert my nursing home into fourteen flats, unlocking significant value in my former asset as a result. If you’re thinking of selling, I would strongly recommend speaking to Landocean


Our Story

Landocean was formed by two planning professionals. Between us, we have over 25 years of experience in securing planning permission and property development. It’s what we love, and we enjoy every minute.

During our careers, we’ve frequently met owners who could have benefited from increasing the value of their properties without taking on the cost, complexity and sinking feeling of the planning system themselves. In our previous lives as property developers, we were all too aware of the level of profits made when buying from owners without the benefit of planning permission. So we floated an idea, why don’t we use our own skills and experience to create a ‘start to finish’ proposition for owners? One that will help to convert their undervalued properties into a profitable opportunity for them. And so Landocean set sail to do just that. Contact us and discover how we can add value to your property.


We’re here to help you.

Shaun: shaun@landocean.co.uk

Kam: kam@landocean.co.uk

Registered Address: Studio 12, Aird Point, 1 Lock Side Way, London E16 2GZ

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